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Every Sunday Bikes, Beats & Bites at Island Pig and Fish! $1 Wings in Fort Pierce!

This image features a vibrant orange background with a "Bikes, Beats & Bites Sunday" event advertisement for Island Pig and Fish in Fort Pierce, FL. At the center, an animated pig wearing sunglasses is happily riding a motorcycle with a cool fish character, who's also donning shades and a helmet. Musical notes float around them, suggesting a lively atmosphere. To the right, promotional deals are highlighted: "$10 Frozen Drinks" with an image of a lime green frozen cocktail, "$1 Wings" next to a basket of saucy chicken wings, and "$3 Bottle Beer" beside a bottle of beer. The Island Pig and Fish logo is displayed at the top, anchoring the design.

Calling all road warriors and flavor seekers! Island Pig and Fish is throwing the ultimate Sunday bash for bikers and food lovers alike. Get ready to kickstart your taste buds and throttle up your dining experience with our Bikes, Beats & Bites event every Sunday with one of the best $1 Wings in Fort Pierce, Florida. With specials that are as irresistible as the open road, you won't want to miss this weekly ride.

Every Sunday 11 am -4pm

  • $1 Wings: 

    • Start your engines with our legendary wings for just a buck a piece. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and tossed in your choice of sauce - they're a biker's best friend one of the best $1 Wings in Fort Pierce, Florida!

  • Motorhead Crab & Shrimp Mac & Cheese: 

    • Get into gear with this decadent dish. It's a full-throttle twist on a classic comfort food, loaded with succulent crab and shrimp.

  • Biker Brisket Sandwich: 

    • Power up with our slow-smoked brisket, piled high and served on a fresh bun. It's a meaty masterpiece that's built for the open road.

  • Revved Up Ribs: 

    • These ribs are a true ride or die. Smoked to perfection and slathered in our house-made BBQ sauce, they're ready to fuel your Sunday adventures.

  • $12 Fish Dip: 

    • Dive into our smoked fish dip, a favorite among locals and travelers alike. It's the perfect pit stop snack.

  • $3 Bottle Beer: 

    • What's a ride without a cold one? Wash down the feast with your favorite bottled beer for just three dollars.

  • $10 Frozen Drinks: 

    • Cool down your engines with our frosty frozen drinks. They're a sweet finish to a high-octane day.

Every Sunday at Island Pig and Fish, where the vibe is as chill as the seafood is fresh and the BBQ is smokin' hot. So grab your helmet, hit the throttle, and cruise down to where the pavement meets paradise.

Sign-Off: Keep your wheels spinning and your forks diving. See you Sunday at Island Pig and Fish!

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